Front Porch Sessions… and why I will not be doing them.

Family sessions

Front Porch Sessions

What is a Front Porch Session?

Front Porch Sessions are a movement that began to gain popularity several weeks ago as a response from many in the photography community trying to discover new ways to keep their businesses functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many photographers are offering to drive through neighborhoods and to client’s homes to photograph families on their front porches with the idea to maintain the “safe” 6-foot distance from their subjects. As gestures of goodwill, some are asking for little to no payment or requesting donations to charity. While at first glance this may seem like a nice thing to do, to me, there are  serious potential ethical and legal business implications.

First, is the legal aspect. Photography is not considered an essential business in my state. Period.

Second is the ethical aspect. Ethically, these sessions not only push the boundaries on what social distancing is all about, but they do nothing to help minimize the risk of exposure to our clients, our communities, ourselves, and our loved ones. Quite the opposite is true.

For now, I will stay at home and remain socially engaged with you all at a distance. I look forward to the time when I can begin seeing your beautiful faces and capturing your cherished family members and memories in person once more.

(FYI this is a photo of my family from a 2018 Nantucket getaway. )

Better days are ahead.

Stay safe and be well.





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